CSI Short Parody Story

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There was a night it all went wrong for Detective Holmes (Detective Katie Holmes) – a night she shouldn’t have made mistakes and stepped out of her comfort zone. It was a night she had been drastically taken out of this world and been taken away for good.
Detective Holmes who trained for 60 days for her 90 day challenge ,had went to the gym late at night with her car where only seven people were present .Eventually, when her gym session came to an end , so did her life ,as she was killed and stabbed with an arrow .
Presently, all the detectives including her partner (Detective Kently), Captain Forbes and Detective Ben Clifford went to the crime scene to investigate. As her partner supposable couldn’t see her at that state, she had instead went to talk to the seven witnesses that were existent that day.
Going back to the crime scene, Detective Clifford finds out that the arrow shot was from a high distance, whilst Captain Forbes takes the arrow and a sample of the blood he discovered on the detective’s clothes back to the lab, where Doctor Miles will investigate.
As the arrow was shot from a distance, Detective Kently and Clifford were assigned to investigate where the shot came from. Strangely, the distance was from the detective’s house window but what was more surprising is that, the arch was still there, which then the detectives take back for hand prints.
Going back to the lab, Doctor Miles finds out that the blood on the detective’s shirt leads to her personal trainer. Therefore, the personal trainer was taken in for questioning as he had access to her house and his blood was on her clothes.
As her personal trainer had a slightly rocky alibi, which was that him and the detective had a slight argument that night as she refused to further pay him, which then says that resulted in a bit of a violence argument. For that unconvincing reason, they will keep him for questioning, until further notice.
Going back to the hand prints of the arch of the arrow, it turns out that the arch of the arrow leads to the store manager, to which Detective Clifford went to see for evidence. So as that lead to nowhere, they decided to look at the make of the arch. As there research indicated that the make of the arch of the one she was shot with, was the same as the homicide she was working on, that immediately, led the detectives to search for the homicide’s killer to which they thought was a step closer to their goal.
As the arrow was shot from her house, Captain Forbes once again took it upon himself to search her house and too much of his surprise; finds a bullet, which he will take back to the lab. As everyone comes together to the precinct, Captain Forbes explains that the bullet he found in the house was a specially enforced cop gun. So therefore, the main suspect that will up for questioning is …. Partner of Detective Holmes (Detective Kently).
Luckily, Kently admits that she did murder someone that day but says it wasn’t her partner but the person that was attempting to murder her partner. She also mentioned that , she came to her partner’s house that day to pick up some case papers but then she saw someone strange standing at the window and instead of having a moment to react, she fires her gun, so to cover her tracks , she buried the killer somewhere it will not be found. For the detectives to found out if that’s true, they went to where the killer was buried to do some facial recognition to see if the partner is telling the truth but as far as who is guilty … that mystery still continues.

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Types of people on the streets

Hi people,


OK , when i say types of people on the streets, i mean on every street … all around the world.

My biggest pet peeve is a person on the streets that would stare at you from a mile away and when i say from a mile away , i mean like far far away . So do you know what i do?

I would stare back at them as much as i can then would say ***** walk on ( just after my eyes start hurting from staring at the total stranger.

OK. that was the strange stranger now comes the nice over exaggerated hyper person who would want you to give them a high five for absolutely no reason .Even though that puts me in a happy mood , it is annoying at times.

There are also kind and nice people on the streets who would ask you if you are having a nice day which is okay at times and this mainly happens when are relaxing on the bench after a long day and everyone knows when you have a long day at work you would want to relax alone (no questions asked).

Finally, there are also actual nice and kind people on the streets who would do anything for anyone just like this guy from this video:

Look at this video , it is heartwarming and amazing video captured on camera from youtuber: arewefamousnow
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