Behold! My Super Powers (Part I)


Wherein the writer asserts that he has Super Powers (and then proceeds to tell you about them).

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Types of people on the streets

Hi people,


OK , when i say types¬†of people on the streets, i mean on every street … all around the world.

My biggest pet peeve is a person on the streets that would stare at you from a mile away and when i say from a mile away , i mean like far far away . So do you know what i do?

I would stare back at them as much as i can then would say ***** walk on ( just after my eyes start hurting from staring at the total stranger.

OK. that was the strange stranger now comes the nice over exaggerated hyper person who would want you to give them a high five for absolutely no reason .Even though that puts me in a happy mood , it is annoying at times.

There are also kind and nice people on the streets who would ask you if you are having a nice day which is okay at times and this mainly happens when are relaxing on the bench after a long day and everyone knows when you have a long day at work you would want to relax alone (no questions asked).

Finally, there are also actual nice and kind people on the streets who would do anything for anyone just like this guy from this video:

Look at this video , it is heartwarming and amazing video captured on camera from youtuber: arewefamousnow
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Keep humble,Keep safe & Be sweet